Association of Independent Discographers – Regionalna udruga nezavisnih diskografa (hereinafter: RUNDA) is a voluntary, non-partisan, non-profit, non-governmental association which promotes, in accordance with the law, the interests of record companies or individuals – professionals who make music recordings and who have the status of independent record companies on the relevant markets. RUNDA was founded on 15th October 2018. in Zagreb by current members of Impala from Balkan at that moment. Impala was involved in every aspect of Runda founding and tho whole procedure ad structuring was done with Impala supervision and guidance.
Runda will focus on education and training for labels across Balkan, lobby activities in order to fight for copyright protection and changes in the region, closely watch and participate in work of the collecting organisation system and represent voice of indie labels in Balkan where needed. Runda aims to bring positive image about Balkan music business and attract new business opportunities to the region. Runda is member of IMPALA.

Runda structure:

Managing board: 
Dario Darštata – President
Nikola Jovanović – Vice Presiden
Miran Rusjan – member of the Board
Đorđe Trbović – member of the Board
Branko Komljenović – member of the Board

Supervisory board: 
Dejan Bošković
Silvije Varga
Darjo Rot

Advisory Board:
Kees van Weijen (STOMP, NL)
Csaba Nasz (HEIL, HU)
Jonas Sjöström (Playground Music Scandinavia)
Didier Gosset (IMPALA)