The regional music conference in its third edition arrives in Skopje

22. 11. 2021.


The regional music conference in its third edition arrives in Skopje

The regional music conference in its third edition arrives in Skopje 25/11/2021 SKOPJE 9/12/2021 ZAGREB

RUNDA DIGITAL DAY will be held for the third year in a row, again sponsored by MERLIN, and this time as a two-day event in two cities. For the first time, this regional music conference arrives in Skopje, where it will be held on November 25, 2021, in partnership with the PIN conference and showcase festival, while the second day will be held on December 9, 2021. in Zagreb.

Music biz experts from all over the region and Europe will gather next Thursday, first in Skopje, where they will discuss current topics from the music industry, digital distribution, digital rights, including always current issues related to copyright and neighboring rights, with a series of workshops, presentations and panels, as well as  the current situation on the music scene and the market of certain territories in the region.

 The main trends, topics and discussions in the field of digital music distribution and streaming economy, as well as a guide to the always unpredictable waters of music distribution for performers and independent publishers will be presented by Chris Cooke from the British company CMU specializied in music industry consulting.

Perhaps the most attractive events of the first day of the RDD # 3 conference are related to digital-futuristic topics such as NFT's with all the controversies and challenges, but also new opportunities that this new model of music monetization poses to the music industry. About that, based on his bands band's experience will talk Hungarian musician Mate Palagyi.

A similar theme, but more broadly through a look at Web 3.0 and all its supporting applications, and whether these tools will enable further democratization of digital music distribution to performers and publishers or give even more control over content to owners of technology and digital platforms, and what that means for the value of music itself, will also be presented. For this topic stage will take Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt, a music manager from the UK who has worked with a range of artists from Beyonce to The Clash in his career, and is a regular contributor and advisor to numerous stakeholders in the music and digital industry.

 Finally, the last event of the RDD # 3 conference in Skopje will be held by Andras Bozan Bodrogi from State51 Conspiracy, who will dive even deeper into the topic of digital music distribution in his two-hour presentation 'Digital Music Business from A-z'.

The complete program of RDD # 3 Skopje, as well as the PIN program of the music conference and showcase of the festival can be found at this link: 

Zagreb event RUNDA DIGITAL DAY # 3 conference will be held on December 9, 2021, and will focus on a range of topics related to digital services, digital and copyright, digital distribution, environmental sustainability of the music industry, as well as the current topic of the adoption and implementation of the new Of the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act in Croatia. More details about the program of the Zagreb event will be announced soon.

 RUNDA DIGITAL DAY is organized by the Regional Association of Independent Discographers - RUNDA

Sponsor RDD # 3 - MERLIN



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